Friday, August 31, 2018

Vanilla and berry's cake

Vanilla and berry's cake looks delicious and most important was delicious. I had gust in the previous weekend and everybody loved it. It is easy to prepare, you don't have to bake anything because I've use sweet crackers, but you must keep it in the refrigerator until the next day in order to be able to slice it properly and to keep it's shape.

1 liter milk
160 gr sugar
5 tablespoon cornstarch (aprox.  60 gr) + 1 tablespoon flour
10 gr vanilla sugar
vanilla extract
200 gr butter
Assembly: crackers and berry mix
Decoration: 400 gr cream, 2-3 tablespoon powder sugar, berry mix

In sauce pan mix the cornstarch, the flour and the sugar and add the cold milk and stir it well. Cook it on the stove, on low heat and continue staring until thickens up. Now add the vanilla sugar. And let it cool at room temperature.
Mix room temperature butter and add gradually one table spoon at a time from the mixture prepared earlier. Add some vanilla extract for more vanilla flavor And the filling is ready.

In a tray like this coated with clear film add a layer of sweet crackers and if needed cut some in smaller pieces to fit the tray and to cover the entire surface.
The tray is 30 cm long and 12 cm wide.
Over the layer pf biscuits add a few tablespoon of filling and level it and again with the biscuits/crackers.
When I reach the middle of the tray I've put the frozen berry's and again filling and crackers until I finish the  filling and I filled the tray, but make sure you end it with a layer of crackers.
Cover everything with the clear film and put the cake in the refrigerator until the next day.
It is important this step because in this time the crackers will soften, will absorb moisture from the filling, and the filling will be more thick and the cake can be portioned easily and will keep the shape.

I've decorate the cake with whipped cream and again frozen berry's.

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