Saturday, August 13, 2016

Parizienne with cheese filling

The words cannot express how lovely this Parizienne (Croissants) are, they are very fluffy and stay like that for days. You can fill this ones with chocolate, vanilla cream or like me with a cheese mixture with raisins.
You can watch the recipe right here, for the moment has a English subtitle but soon I'll do a English version, so please stay tuned for that!



500 gr flour
7-10 gr dry yeast
200 ml warm milk
2 eggs + 1 for washing
100 gr melted butter
5 tablespoon vegetable oil
70 gr sugar
a pinch of salt
lemon extract

Filling - mix everything together to be ready when the dough is done

350 - 400 gr fresh cheese
1 egg
3 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon lemon zest
50 gr raisins
10 gr vanillinated sugar


For the  dough mix the dry ingredients with the eggs, melted butter, half of the oil and hlf of the milk, lemon extract. Mix all with a wisk after that work the dough with your hands, adding oil and milk.
Work the dough for 5-10 min until the texture is changing.
Let the dough to rise, in a worm place, until it's double the volume.
Split the dough in 18 pieces, roled like balls and let them rose again for 5 min.

Every piece strech it with the rolling pin in a rectangular shape, place a tablespoon of the dough in one side, seal the filling in dough, on the other side cut some stripe and roll the dough...
In the video is more explicit so please watch that.

Place the croissant on a tray, on baking paper, brush them with egg wash, and let them rise again for 5-10 min, after this bake them in the oven at 180-190 degree until golden brown.

Can be served cold or warm, with tea or hot chocolate and are DELICIOS!!! Fluffy and very flavor full!
Thanks for your visit and I wish you from my heart to BE HAPPY!!!

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