Saturday, September 8, 2018

Shrimps with spicy sauce

For some time shrimps won us with their sweet taste and the fact that it prepare in minutes. A quick spicy sauce cover the shrimps and complete this meal.
I invite you to try it right now !!!

500 gr shrimp
a few cloves of garlic (9-10 small cloves)
hot pepper as desired
sweet paprika
fresh parsley
salt and pepper
50 gr butter
olive oil

I cleaned up the shrimp, but they can be used as they are.
Heat up some olive oil in a pan and put the diced butter.  The pressed garlic lands in the pan with chopped  hot peppers, paprika, salt and pepper.
The shrimp now joins the sauce in pan, and keep it 1 min on each side.
Turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid for a one more minute.
Finally add the parsley and shrimp with spicy sauce is ready to serve.

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